WaveDance KingFisher

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The latest addition to the Wavedance range is a versatile sit-on-top built for speed.

The Kingfisher combines the advantages of a sit-on-top with the efficiency of a traditional sea kayak and can be used in flat water, moderate ocean conditions and slow flowing rivers.

Designed to take you and your gear efficiently to where you want to go with a huge load capacity of 180 kg, the Kingfisher has two large hatches and a large cargo well allowing easy access to your fishing tackle, dive and other gear.

The Kingfisher is available with or without a rudder.

The Wavedance KINGFISHER is the fulfillment of the touring fisherman's dream kayak. A large cockpit that will accommodate the larger paddler means the fisherman can spread out the necessary accessories. A well has been placed immediately behind the seat for easily accessible stowage space. Just behind the seat and next to the front corners of the well are two flushmount rod holders. The touring ability of the Wavedance KINGFISHER is unsurpassed for a 4 metre sit-on-top. Two large hatches will enable stowage of all the equipment and provisions you need for expeditions while the well will accommodate those items you need to be able to get to while out on the water. The fitting of an optional rudder means cross-current and adverse wind conditions can be managed with relative ease.

Colours: Green or Grey

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